Po Em [2018] Recordings

You can see the full programme that made up poetry emergency [2018] here, and details of workshops here.

We are extremely pleased to make available a near complete set of recordings of the performances from Poetry Emergency. These were some of the most exciting poetry performances we had witnessed in a long time, and we’re incredibly delighted to be able to share them, and some trace of the experience of the festival, & the still ongoing movements it wrought upon us.

Recordings are listed in order of performance, to give as near a sense as possible of the shape of proceedings. As these are dictaphone recordings, volume, clarity and sound quality may vary. All recording are available to listen to online, or to download, at the links below.

You can read a transcription of the roundtable discussion on poetry and anti-fascist culture at [this link]


Friday 23rd November, New Adelphi Studio Theatre, University of Salford

Sean Bonney keynote reading – from Cancer: Poems after Katerina Gogou [link here]

Stuart Calton [link here]

Amy McCauley [link here]

Sean Bonney [link here]


Saturday 24th November, 50 Oxford Street, Manchester Metropolitan University

Gloria Dawson [link here]

Young Identity [link here]

Nicola Singh [link here]

Nat Raha [link here]

Nisha Ramayya [link here]

Danny Hayward [link here]

Nathan Walker [link here]

Zoe Skoulding [link here]

Lila Matsumoto [link here]

Maggie O’Sullivan [link here]

Rhys Trimble [link here]

THF Drenching [link here]


Also present at the event was a specially produced piece provided by Bhanu Kapil. Please accept these pictures as a visual trace of the event of that piece: